Global Education Monitoring Gender Report 2019: Building bridges for gender equality

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Author/Publisher: Global Education Monitoring Report/UNESCO
Language: English

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The 2019?/span>Gender Report?/span>is based on a monitoring framework which, in addition to focusing on gender parity in education participation, attainment and learning achievement, examines broad social and economic contexts (gender norms and institutions) and key education system characteristics (laws and policies, teaching and learning practices, learning environments, and resources). The framework explores the relationship between education and selected social and economic outcomes and is爄nformed by a discussion of intersections between gender, education, migration and displacement. Outlining a range of approaches taken to address priority areas in girls?education, the report then analyses the extent to which education sector plans in 20 countries with wide disparity at girls?expense envisage adopting and scaling up such approaches. This analysis supports a widely recognised need for gender-responsive education sector planning.


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