UNGEI News http://www.zweur.tw/ News from UNGEI en-us Copyright 2007-2010, UNGEI http://www.zweur.tw/rss/ UNGEI News http://www.unicef.org/images/hp_ungei_banner_thn.gif http://www.zweur.tw/ Leave No Girl Behind: a new wave of activism for girls' education http://www.zweur.tw/news/index_6561.html On International Day of Education, we join partners to unleash a new phase of activism for 12 years of quality education for all girls through the Leave No Girl Behind Campaign. With only ten years to achieve the 2030 Global Goals agenda, the clock is ticking. Are you with us? New publication: Ending School-Related Gender-Based Violence http://www.zweur.tw/news/index_6559.html Today we launch a new publication featuring evidence-based approaches to preventing and responding to gender-based violence in schools. We urge all educationists to download a copy and join the global community working to end SRGBV. 16 Days of Activism: Together we can end gender-based violence in schools http://www.zweur.tw/news/index_6557.html Launchingtoday: 16 Days ofActivism Against School-Related Gender-Based Violence. This year'scampaign explores a 'whole school approach' to tackling SRGBV,culminating in the release of a series of briefs and an open letter appeal to the countries of the world.Join us in learning how we can work together to address this global crisis. New policy note: putting gender equality at the heart of education http://www.zweur.tw/news/index_6554.html As ministers convene for the twelfth Commonwealth Women's Affairs Ministers Meeting in Nairobi, a new policy note - Gender-Responsive Education Sector Planning – a pathway to gender equality in education - is being launched today through the Platform for Girls' Education as part of the Leave No Girl Behind Campaign. Gender-Responsive Education Sector Planning Workshop: Nigeria http://www.zweur.tw/news/index_6553.html Bringing together delegations from Jigawa, Kaduna, Katsina, Kano and Sokoto states as well as the Federal Government of Nigeria, this week's event is not only the first national GRESP workshop, but it is also the first to include a youth delegation. 体彩大乐透具体开奖时间 北京赛车pk10 中超直播视频乐视 脉动棋牌游戏大厅下载 广西快乐10分官方网 泳坛夺金481走势图 雪缘园澳门博彩 网络捕鱼游戏大全 排列三走势图表 英超宝贝 浙江快乐彩